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How to Keep Your Car Clean in the Winter

Winter can be a harsh season in many respects. It’s rough on humans, but it’s rough on cars, too. So how can you take care of your vehicle so that it comes out looking clean and rested in the spring? Here are some tips on keeping your car clean in the winter.
Dangers of Road Salt


Road salt is one of the main sources of damage to vehicles in the winter. It can damage the paintwork and even cause rusting. The best way to protect your car from salt damage is to apply a protective wax coating. Wax coatings usually last for around three months, so apply one now and your vehicle should be shielded from salt until the spring.

Watch for Paint Chips

Get in the habit of looking over your car’s exterior every time you get in and keep an eye out for chips in the paint from pebbles or other debris. These chips can quickly become rust spots, especially in the winter. If you spot one, have the paint job touched up and consider applying wax for more protection.​ 
Watch For Paint Chips
Wash Your Vehicle Regularly

Wash It Regularly

Whenever the weather lets up a little, take your car for a pressure wash. If possible, set a schedule where you wash your car every four weeks. If you do the best you can to keep the salt from caking onto your car, this will help prevent corrosion and have your car looking clean and nice all season.​ 

Rubber Mats

The interior of your car is susceptible to winter damage as well. Every time you get inside, you bring the elements with you. To help protect your car’s cabin from snow, ice, and slush, replace your normal mats with rubber mats. These water-resistant substitutes are easy to clean and you can swap them out for the carpet mats once spring has returned.​ 
Rubber Mat Protection
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